We source wheat from the key growing regions across Australia and in turn we supply flour, bread and cake mixes to food manufacturers, large and small. In addition, we manufacture a wide range of bakery products including artisan breads, hot cross buns, cakes, cheesecake, cookies, pastries, croissants, muffins, donuts, scrolls, scones, bagels, eclairs, caramels, jams and various wet fillings.

We have a true national footprint with mills and bakeries located in every capital city.  Each of our sites meets the highest standards of food production and have global quality accreditation. Our national warehouse and distribution network deliver products to over 3,000 independent bakeries across Australia every week.

We are a consumer insight driven company and invest over $2.5 million per annum in research and new product development.  This investment combined with our modern facilities, and market-leading technology, makes us uniquely positioned to support our customers.

Across Australia more than 40 bakers and pastry cooks form part of Allied Pinnacle’s highly experienced National Technical Field Team. They provide our customers with support when introducing new products, refining a recipe or working to deliver process efficiency.

We are proud of our company and the people within it.  As a team we provide the energy and expertise to deliver world-leading innovation and the operational excellence required to meet the needs of our customers and consumers.

* Allied Pinnacle is the result of the merging of Allied Mills and Pinnacle Bakery and Integrated Ingredients. This was completed on 31st March 2017.