Bakery: Bread & Pastry

  • Bread

    Cut your baking time and boost efficiency with our wide range of convenient par-baked breads. All ready to bake straight from the freezer.

  • Bagels

    Made following a unique 18-hour boil and bake process, our par-baked bagels have the taste and texture even a New Yorker would love. Available in a range of sizes, we offer more than twenty flavour choices, including gluten free.

  • Savoury Pastry

    Your choice of ready-to-bake or ready-to-proof: our delicious savoury pastries save you time, hassle and are available at a convenient cost.

  • Savoury Rolls

    Cheese and Bacon rolls are an Australian classic and all-time favourite snack. Our Savoury rolls are a must-have, due to their scrumptious flavour, convenient pack size and economical cost.