Privacy Policy


This Policy describes the handling of Personal Information collected by Allied Pinnacle Pty Limited and its related entities and bodies corporate (“Allied Pinnacle“).

Allied Pinnacle recognises the importance of and is committed to the protection of personal privacy. Allied Pinnacle is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”) as provided for in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This Policy has been developed as part of Allied Pinnacle’s ongoing commitment to the protection of the privacy of individuals with whom it deals.

The information in this Policy relates to Allied Pinnacle’s current privacy standards. Allied Pinnacle may vary these standards from time to time. Any variation will be reflected in this Policy. Allied Pinnacle encourages individuals to check this Policy from time to time to ensure they are aware of the most up to date privacy standards applying to the handling of their personal information.

Effective date

The Policy takes effect from 4 September 2017.


The objectives of this Policy are to:

  • Establish a set of privacy standards to which Allied Pinnacle will comply to protect the
    privacy of individuals whose personal information Allied Pinnacle collects, uses,
    discloses, stores or handles;
  • Demonstrate Allied Pinnacle’s ongoing commitment to protecting privacy and to address
    any privacy concerns individuals may have arising from its functions and activities;
  • Describe the manner and purposes for which Allied Pinnacle collects, uses, discloses,
    stores and handles personal information;
  • Describe how an individual may access their personal information and seek correction of
    that information;
  • Describe how an individual may complain about a breach of the APPs by Allied Pinnacle;
  • Ensure that Allied Pinnacle complies with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Allied Pinnacle’s functions and activities

Allied Pinnacle is recognised as one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and distributors of bakery products and ingredients including flour, bakery premixes, sweet products of both finished and unbaked goods.

Collecting your Personal Information

Allied Pinnacle collects information from individuals in order to conduct various aspects of its business functions and activities.

These individuals include but are not limited to Allied Pinnacle’s customers, prospective customers, contractors, suppliers, agents, service providers and employees, depending on the service to be accessed.

The information Allied Pinnacle collects may include (but is not limited to): your name, address, telephone number/s, email address, date of birth, financial status, credit history, transaction history, banking details, insurances, employment history, educational qualifications or personal references.

Allied Pinnacle may also collect the following sensitive information from employees in certain circumstances, including but not limited to: your tax file number, criminal convictions, racial or ethnic origin. Refer to the section “Collection of Information for Employment Purposes” below. Allied Pinnacle collects personal information from documents such as application or registration forms, supplementary forms, competition forms, letters or e-mails, or as derived in meetings, seminars, telephone conversations or written exchanges. Allied Pinnacle may also collect personal information through an individual’s use of the Allied Pinnacle website/s, applications or web based tools. Allied Pinnacle may also collect your personal information if the law requires us to collect it.

With regard to personal information produced or transmitted by electronic communications (i.e. the internet, electronic devices or web based tools), Allied Pinnacle may collect the following information: website access, use and/or viewing, GPS locations or handset details if Allied Pinnacle’s website or related applications are accessed on a mobile device.

Allied Pinnacle may use Cookies when you access the Allied Pinnacle website. Cookies are small files that a website writes to a user’s hard drive when that user visits the website. Cookies cannot read information from the user’s hard drive or read information from other cookies.

The type of information logged may include the following information captured from a user’s browser:

  • The type of browser and operating system used;
  • The previous website the user visited;
  • The user’s server’s IP address;
  • Date and time of the user’s visit;
  • The address of the pages accessed;
  • The documents downloaded and the size of the download; and
  • User name and websites visited (Allied Pinnacle employees only).

Via the use of a ‘cookie’, we can record the pages visited and the information accessed and viewed/used. This information is used anonymously and in aggregate, and is collected and logged for statistical purposes. Through analysis of these records, we strive to provide an improved service when users revisit our websites or use our applications or web tools.

You may set your browser(s) to provide notification when a cookie is received, and the opportunity to accept or reject the cookie. You can also refuse all cookies by turning the function off in your browsers. However, to ensure the full functionality of our website and applications/ web based tools the use of cookies is needed.

Wherever possible Allied Pinnacle collects personal information from the person concerned, but we may obtain information about a person from others. Collection of information via third persons may take the form of details held by:

  • credit reporting bodies;
  • organisations that Allied Pinnacle has an arrangement with to jointly provide or offer products;
  • organisations where Allied Pinnacle may have a relationship to share information for marketing purposes;
  • related entities within the Allied Pinnacle group; or
  • third party referrals.

Use and disclosure of your Personal Information

The personal information collected may be used or disclosed for the Allied Pinnacle’s business purposes including (but not limited to):

  • to administer and manage the commercial relationship between the individual and Allied Pinnacle;
  • to send e-mails or direct marketing material to the individual or providing general information about products or services offered by Allied Pinnacle. We may also send emails or direct marketing material from other persons nominated by Allied Pinnacle, but only with the express consent of the individual to do so. Individuals may opt out of receiving marketing material from Allied Pinnacle using any opt-out facility provided, or by contacting us using the details at the end of this Privacy Policy;
  • to efficiently and effectively manage Allied Pinnacle’s business operations, including to other organisations such as service providers and other contractors, marketing companies, regulators, banks, professional advisers or its related bodies corporate; and
  • where required or permitted by law.

Collection of unsolicited Personal Information (APP 4)

From time to time Allied Pinnacle may receive personal information from others which was not solicited.

If Allied Pinnacle receives unsolicited personal information, Allied Pinnacle is required to determine whether it could have collected the information in accordance with Australian Privacy Principle 3. If Allied Pinnacle cannot meet this requirement, it will destroy or de-identify the information, if it is lawful and reasonable to do so. However, if Allied Pinnacle can satisfy the test, it will retain the personal information and handle it in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the APPs.

Collection of information for employment purposes

When you subscribe to our careers webpage, we will collect more specific personal information about you, such as your name, email address and telephone number, qualifications or career history. We may also ask you for other information, such as information on your interests and the types of jobs you are interested in. The personal information you provide to Allied Pinnacle via this job vacancy website will only be processed for the purpose of considering employment positions with Allied Pinnacle, and if you work for us, in any way connected to your employment.

Sensitive information revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, sex life, litigation or convictions will only be collected and processed by Allied Pinnacle if such processing is necessary to comply with equal opportunity laws and regulations.

We recommend you only communicate such sensitive information if you believe it is required for Allied Pinnacle to comply with such laws and regulations. From time to time we may ask for sensitive information concerning your health. Health information is used by us to assess your suitability for conducting certain forms of work (i.e. manual handling, working at heights etc), to ensure your continued safety and the safety of others at our workplaces.

How do we manage your Personal Information?

The personal information we collect from you may be stored electronically or in hard copy. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that:

  • personal information held in paper or electronic form is safe and secure and that it is protected from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure; and
  • personal information is only used by employees or disclosed to other organisations to the extent necessary for Allied Pinnacle’s business purposes.

Allied Pinnacle has security systems in place to help ensure your electronically stored personal information is kept secure (i.e. firewalls, virus and intrusion detection, etc). Hard copy information is retained at Allied Pinnacle offices and facilities, and in some cases third party facilities, and we take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information is kept secure in its physical form.

Allied Pinnacle may contain personal information about you that the business no longer needs. We will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify this personal information, in accordance with our document retention procedures, and any obligations under Australian Law.

If you access secured sections of our website, we employ encryption technology for storage and transmission of personal information using this medium.

Accuracy and quality of Personal Information (APP 10)

Allied Pinnacle will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we collect, use or disclose is correct, complete and up to date. From time to time we may contact / remind you to update your personal information, or implement other processes by which you can update your personal information yourself. Any inaccurate personal information held will be corrected promptly when it is identified.

Anonymity and pseudonymity (APP 2)

Individuals may choose to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym when dealing with Allied Pinnacle; however Allied Pinnacle reserves the right to refuse all products and services if such anonymity or pseudonymity is impracticable to our operations.

There may be situations where it will not be impracticable for you to be anonymous or use a pseudonym. Such situations include:

  • Telephone or email communications with Allied Pinnacle that request general information about products and services we offer;
  • Lodging complaints in writing or verbally; or
  • Some circumstances where you can purchase goods for cash.

Destruction and de-identification of personal information

Allied Pinnacle will take all reasonable steps to de-identify or destroy personal information when it is no longer required for one of Allied Pinnacle’s business functions or activities or for legal requirements.

Access to and correction of Personal Information and the complaint process (APP 12 & 13)

Individuals have the right to request access to or correction of their personal information held by Allied Pinnacle, or to make a complaint in relation to Allied Pinnacle’s handling of their personal information. For access requests, no lodgement fees will be charged, however, a fee may be charged by Allied Pinnacle for the reasonable expenses incurred (such as searches or photocopying costs) in providing the information requested. There are some situations where Allied Pinnacle is not required to give you access to or correct the personal information. These situations are outlined in APP 12.3 Exception to Access and APP13.3 Refusal to Correct Information. Allied Pinnacle will explain in writing the reasons for refusing access or refusing correction and the mechanism available to complain about the refusal.

There may be circumstances in which Allied Pinnacle is required to provide access to your personal information to third parties. Such circumstances could include an obligation to disclose your information under an Australian law or an order of a Court or Tribunal.

Privacy related requests and complaints should be made in writing and referred directly to the contact person specified at the end of this Privacy Policy. All reasonable endeavours will be made to resolve complaints within 30 days of the lodgement.

Credit reporting

If you apply for customer credit with Allied Pinnacle or its related bodies corporate, we may request a credit report about you from a credit reporting agency. Credit reports contain Personal Information about you, and we use these reports to assess your application and ability to repay credit. To obtain these reports, Allied Pinnacle will disclose Personal Information so that the credit reporting agency can accurately identify you.

Allied Pinnacle may also disclose certain information about your credit history to credit reporting agencies, or trade & credit insurers. In some circumstances, we may be contractually obliged to inform trade & credit insurers if you have failed to repay credit in accordance with your credit terms. In addition, we may also disclose the following information to credit reporting agencies:

  • The type of credit you hold;
  • The amount of credit provided to you;
  • The terms and conditions of your credit;
  • When your credit account is opened or closed; and
  • If you fail to make repayments on your credit or you default on your obligations.

Third party websites

Other websites may be accessible via hyperlinks from the Allied Pinnacle website however these third parties are not a party to or subject to Allied Pinnacle’s Privacy Policy. We recommend you review the privacy policy of such third parties if you wish to access their website from our links, and satisfy yourself of their procedures and policies regarding your personal information.

Further information

For further information concerning this Privacy Policy or the matters described within it, please contact:

The Company Secretary
Allied Pinnacle Pty Limited
Level 4, Building G
1 Homebush Bay Drive
Rhodes NSW 2138
P: +61 2 9352 4800
F: +61 2 9352 4947