Our culture is underpinned by five core values that reflect our DNA and guide us in our day-to-day decision making. It’s how we ensure we align on achieving our purpose, mission and vision.

Act as One.

We demonstrate cohesive behaviour as one team, working towards one purpose.

We hold each other accountable and provide constructive feedback.

We take time to celebrate and appreciate others.

Better Every Day.

We continuously improve and pursue new ideas that bring sustainable growth – leading to better people, products, processes, and planet.

We develop ourselves, peers, and teams, to be better every day.

Own it.

We display clear ownership for safety and quality.

We demonstrate visible leadership and accountability for results.

We honour our commitments to our people, customers and shareholders.

Think Differently.

We embrace a growth mindset and remove barriers.

We challenge status quo whilst embracing our uniqueness.

We embrace diverse thinking that leads to better business and organisational performance.

Enjoy the Ride.

We are warm, friendly and bring fun into what we do.

We encourage each other to bring our authentic selves to work. We care for others and ourselves every day.

We are role model team leaders, managers, mentors, trainers and coaches.