Wet Ingredients

  • Kularomes & Flavours

    These highly versatile ingredients allow you to enhance the colour, aroma and flavour profile or your products, whilst maintaining their appetizing appearance. Great on hot cross buns, scones, muffins, fondants, cupcakes, cheesecakes, icings and sponges.

  • Fondants, Icings & Fruit Fillings

    Australia’s most iconic brands trust us to supply the fillings, caramels, jams and fondants for their products. Why? Because we have the latest technology to produce wet ingredients that are smooth, glossy, and most importantly, delicious.

  • Fats & Oils

    Bakers know fats and oils play a lead role in achieving critical product attributes such as flavour, mouthfeel, opacity, texture and stability. Our range of margarines, shortenings and oils help you craft beautiful products that meet these baking needs.

  • Caramel Colour

    Our Caramel Colour is an extremely versatile water soluble dark brown liquid that enhances the visual appearance of a broad range or products from the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.