Flour & Improvers

  • Flour

    From general purpose to flours with various protein levels, you can choose the best flour to create that perfect baked good.
    Options Include: Perfection, Self Raising, Wholemeal.

  • Specialty Flour

    Our position as industry leader in specialty flours comes from our extensive technical knowledge and expertise in the selection, procurement, storage and milling of wheat. The result? Quality and specialty flours you can trust.
    Options Include: Premium Biscuit Flour, Sharps Flour, Semolina, Soya Flour.

  • Specialty Grains & Flour

    We procure from Australian growers wheat and specialty grains including maize, rye triticale, organic, hard, soft and noodle wheats. We are also intimately involved in the development of new varieties, so you can always use the latest and best specialty grains in your product offering.
    Options Include: Coarse Bran, Specialty Grain Mix, Light Rye Flour, Malt Flour.

  • Starches

    Our native wheat starches are a versatile food ingredient utilised in a broad range of applications across different industries. They are an essential component of noodles, cupcake glazes, ice cream cones and dumplings.
    Applications: Thickener, Binder, Gelling Agent.

  • Gluten

    Our gluten is a cost effective and functional wheat protein that gives tolerance to doughs and volume 
to breads.
    Applications: Breads, Noodle, Batters, Bakery Premixes.