Product Returns Process

Customer Responsibility

  • Discrepancies must be noted on the POD and signed by customer and Driver, with a clear indication of reason for discrepancy – damages, wrong product, etc.
  • It is the customers responsibility to report any damages / shortages, not noted on POD, within 5 business days of receipt byemailing /phoning our customer service team, or your sales representative (only if unable to get through to customer service).
  • Any Discrepancy not noted on the POD, where customer has failed to notify Customer Service within specified time frame, could result in a rejected claim.
  • Complaints regarding infestation must be communicated within 30 days of receipt.
  • Late Claims for quality of or damaged product must be escalated to the customers service Sales Representative.
  • Photos are to be provided with all damaged / quality claims / faulty stock claims, Best Before Date, batch code, quantity, failure to produce evidence could result in a rejected claim.
  • Samples must be provided for all customer complaints to ensure a full investigation is completed.
  • Claims for cancelled orders or change of mind, could incur a cancellation fee, and must be escalated emailed to the customer service team.
  • Return of higher quantities other than what was originally shipped will not be authorized.
  • If the returned material is deemed to be scrap/obsolete, we may ask for disposal at your premises.
  • All returns must be packaged (labelled with RA- number, customer sales order, batch received, qty) in a manner to prevent any additional damage to the product resulting from insufficient packaging.
  • A declaration must be signed confirming the returned stock has been stored correctly and has not been compromised-reference “AP-REC-168 Issue