Dry Ingredients

  • Choc Bits & Compounds

    We offer both compound and couvertures chocolate solutions that can be used for a variety of applications including muffins and slices.

  • Herbs, Spices, Nuts & Seeds

    Elevate your baking with the highest quality herbs, spices, nuts, seeds and condiments. We source directly from the best producers in Australia and around the world, and every ingredient is subject to stringent quality assurance standards.

  • Fruit & Vegetables

    We offer fresh, frozen, dried, tinned and glazed fruit and vegetables suitable for a broad range of applications. Try them in your bread, cakes, croissants, donuts, muffins or in your sweet and savoury pastries.

  • Refrigerated Items

    We provide a range of dairy and egg options as well as yeast and bacon products, so you can enjoy the convenience of sourcing all your bakery ingredients from a single supplier.

  • Dextrin & Pre-dried

    Based on wheat, maize and potato, our Dextrin and Pre-dried products are utilised across a broad range of products and industries. Use Dextrin to achieve a more functional product range and Pre-dried to obtain low moisture products with attractive rehydration and texture properties.

  • Other

    We also offer a range of sugar-based products and general ingredients that can be used in scratch baking or to add the final touches to your creation.