Sweet Mixes

  • Cake Mixes

    Our cake premixes give you the confidence to produce quality cakes whilst reducing your prep time. Enjoy all-round convenience and offer your customers finger-licking deliciousness.

  • Muffin Mixes

    Streamline your production process with our versatile all-in muffin premixes. Simply add water (or water and eggs) and your favourite inclusions, to enjoy a final product that is rich, moist and simply delicious.

  • Donut Mixes

    Our all-in donut premixes have been designed to produce both cake and yeast raised donuts that are light and soft in texture with excellent fresh keeping qualities. Suitable for automated and non-automated equipment.

  • Custards

    Our custard premixes will make your fillings, slices and custard tarts lip-smackingly good.

  • Slice Mixes

    All the favourites, none of the hassle. Our sweet slice premix range includes Australia’s most-loved recipes, such as hedgehog, caramel and rocky road – all designed to bring ease and consistency to your slice production.

  • Other Sweet Mixes

    Our range of sweet premixes allows you to easily create a wide variety of products with different eating qualities.