Each of our product range can be made to include different flavours, textures and visual appearances: We can also tailor make solutions!

  • Flour


    From general purpose to flours with various protein levels, you can choose the best flour to create that perfect baked good.Options Include: Perfection, Self Raising, Wholemeal.

  • Kularomes & Flavours

    Kularomes & Flavours

    These highly versatile ingredients allow you to enhance the colour, aroma and flavour profile or your products, whilst maintaining their appetizing appearance. Great on hot cross buns, scones, muffins, fondants, cupcakes, cheesecakes, icings and sponges.

  • Cakes


    Just want to thaw and serve? Or prefer to add your own special touches to a blank cake? We have the gourmet celebration cake category covered – always with our trademark convenience and quality.

  • Bread


    Cut your baking time and boost efficiency with our wide range of convenient par-baked breads. All ready to bake straight from the freezer.

  • Cake Mixes

    Cake Mixes

    Our cake premixes give you the confidence to produce quality cakes whilst reducing your prep time. Enjoy all-round convenience and offer your customers finger-licking deliciousness.

  • Choc Bits & Compounds

    Choc Bits & Compounds

    We offer both compound and couvertures chocolate solutions that can be used for a variety of applications including muffins and slices.

  • Bread Mixes

    Bread Mixes

    Need a specific bread texture, crust, volume or crumb structure? With our broad range of premixes you can achieve that specific bread attribute your customers love.

  • Muffin Mixes

    Muffin Mixes

    Streamline your production process with our versatile all-in muffin premixes. Simply add water (or water and eggs) and your favourite inclusions, to enjoy a final product that is rich, moist and simply delicious.

  • Cookies


    Our extensive ready-to-serve and ready-to-bake cookies means you can always offer guaranteed deliciousness. Options range from bite size to 50g.